The World would be a very boring place if we we all the same.


Chalk n Cheese


I know that you dream,

of peaches and cream

it is your favourite dish

But when licking my lips

it’s for sausage and chips

with ketchup that I wish.


A place where you shout

is your choice of night out,

like the brash neon lit bars.

Not the pubs in the dales

with their many fine ales

and tables under the stars.


Listening to boy bands

and visiting strange lands

are just your kind of thing

I like rock music the most

and England’s own coast

these make my heart sing.


And there’s the strange looks

when you glance at my books

that just don’t float your boat

so when all’s said and done

our course has been run

it’s best if I just get mi coat.

13 thoughts on “CHALK ‘N’ CHEESE

  1. Uplifting humour in this North Country vernacular, Nigel. A great poem – a true Tyke-ish ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’. (N.B. Coincidentally, I would consider my own blog verses tomorrow to be of the same genre!)

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  2. Indeed, the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Common interests and compatibility are certainly important parts of any relationship. I love how you’ve expressed it in this wonderfully humorous piece, Nige. You’ve also made me hungry with that ‘sausage and chips with ketchup’. Sharing a special evening under the stars sounds divine, much better than a loud bar where you have to shout to be heard.

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  3. Great poem again Nigel, you just keep pouring them out. Wonderful.
    Every human is unique and we are bound to have some differences in taste.
    Food choices being one of them. The way you express it makes me laugh.

    To me this could be anywhere. I did wonder when you got to the books though,
    this is more serious stuff as your reading and your inner self is of higher importance.

    You did right in just get mi coat. 😊 .


    1. Haha ! Thank you Miriam, I was a little unfair re the food comparison, I’m not really a sausage n chips man to be honest, in fact I’m a bit of a foodie but it didn’t alter the fact we were different people, and as you say the books are the important difference.

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      1. You do make me smile. I didn’t believe you were that limited but poetic license is allowed. I have a preference for fish and seafood and vegetarian. It wouldn’t stop me tasting other morsels though.😊 . Literature now, that is more defining.


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