The following poem is about true love, a love that is both complete and all consuming, a love that those who know of it must surely be blessed. It is therefore not about a specific woman but is from my own experience, the words are how I describe this wonder.

The first verse is I feel self-explanatory. The following two verses I would like to explain for anyone who may be interested. The second verse is about how lovers become totally absorbed by the emotional, psychological and physical union they find themselves in, to the point that the rest of the world is superfluous. It is a solitude of utter peace and contentment, a comfort, a completeness that comes from knowing all about a person and accepting them in their entirety.

The second verse conveys the randomness, the chance, the confluence of paths and that sudden moment that all lead to such a relationship. And the last two lines describe how we in some sense become as children again, brimming with life and optimism, when any future seems possible.

The music is Puccini’s aria ‘E lucevan le Stelle’ from the opera Tosca.

The literal translation by Wiki of this song, sung in the background of the video, conveys well the sentiment of the original Italian.

And the stars were shining,
And the earth was scented.
The gate of the garden creaked
And a footstep grazed the sand…
Fragrant, she entered
And fell into my arms.

May need to be allowed to buffer or be played though twice if it stutters or hangs. 

About a woman

 Her presence is to me as breath,

not laboured or short, but as easy

as that found by the shore,

within air seasoned by salt and

warmed by fingers of sunlight

drum-rolling softly on the

rise and fall of seas.


And she is solitude,

not imposed, but that sought in

other places that you seem to know

already, that let you be with all

the parts of you at once in a peace

that is as perfect as the curl of

of an infant’s hand around your finger.


I know this as our eyes

lock and hold just for the time it takes

to breathe ,removing the illusion of past,

of a penny dropped setting

cogs and wheels in motion

returning childhoods with their

longing for futures.

15 thoughts on “ABOUT A WOMAN

  1. This is utterly beautiful, Nige, such artistry the way the video unfolds and carries your words and the music. Indeed, to know a love such as this, a true love, one is blessed. It is as natural as breathing and somehow always feels fresh and new, to know all about that love and still want to explore everything with and about them.

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    1. Thank you Diana, hope you & Sir Nige have been able to get it on despite the hectic. We’ve had a heatwave of such magnitude large swathes of the populace are committing various forms of sartorial blasphemy ! x


  2. A most impressive production all round, Nigel. Your evocative phrases, the movingly expressed sentiments, melded into a whole with your video images, your sonorous voice and the expressive music – all come together with great effect. (sorry I’m late in replying but I’m travelling in the West Country for a fortnight and not finding access to WiFi easy).

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