The original idea for this ditty came from the work of Roland at Roland’s Ragbag who recently wrote a far more accomplished and clever piece entitled ‘Firkydoodling’. I have effectively just copied Roland’s concept and written a similar piece in limerick form. I would urge you to visit this proper poem and a wealth of travel posts, humour, serious poetry and interesting facts and information at FIRKYDOODLING.


A warning to young lads


Seduction is indeed a most difficult art,

so boys a warning to you I’ll impart

though her light’s at green

don’t assume she’s keen

or you’ll blow it right from the start


You see known local as Jenny ‘the bust’

she fired all the young lads with lust

so when the bus was missed

and we suddenly kissed

my trousers were about to combust!


I was certain that she was the one,

it wasn’t just a little bit of fun

so as I stood in the rain

having kissed her again

I thought true love had begun.


In the bus-shelter our fire reached a peak

and my love-life no longer seemed bleak

but when I let my hand slide

to caress her backside

I felt a jaw-breaking slap on my cheek.


She said ‘Good God tha’s a neck o’ brass,

puttin them ‘ands on mi ass!’

I then stuttered ‘ya moaned’

but she sighed and groaned

saying ‘so tha thought I wer that kind o’ lass!’


Brass Neck –  To have a brass neck is to have the cheek, the audacity, the nerve to do something.

14 thoughts on “A WARNING TO YOUNG LADS

    1. Thank you Roland, at 15 y I was a puppet dancing to their tune until they got bored, much the same as my son Matt now, and much like myself at that age, he won’t take the advice of his wise old dad…..and ever was it so !

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  1. Ahh …, Nigel. This is a most wonderful Limerick. Perfectly done and
    so full of humour and yet the reality of those young days.
    It ain’t easy, is it now lad? Grin.
    You got the hang of it though as your happy marriage is proof of. Your son needs to make his mistakes – with no doubt worrying parents behind.


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