First morning of the holiday






First morning of the holiday



In that morning’s air, the notion of a mist suspended,

so slight my eyes debated its presence, leached vapour

to appear as dew on the grass below…..


And my footfall was bold disturbing the chill beads,

which washed my skin, pressed between sole and lawn,

the touch as if some circuit was being made with all

that was around me.


I knew something but not what, until

the first of the sun’s rays skimmed the band of mist,

its attitude stealing violet and blue under the cover

of breakfast aromas and coffee enquiries.

8 thoughts on “First morning of the holiday

  1. Nigel, it is wonderful to have you back again and spreading your light around us all.

    Your poem about the first morning of the holiday is touching my heart, every nerve end
    and is a praise to nature and our senses.

    You described the feeling I have walking barefoot on a dewy lawn. Your words do
    make it sound like a soft song.


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  2. Such a beautiful poem – I loved especially the line – “the touch as if some circuit was being made with all

    that was around me.” – your verses bring back all the memories of waking up on the sunny islands, the carefree moments – the beauty of nature and the fact that while on holiday we all feel so alive – without the need of rushing anywhere – contemplating the fact that it is so good to be alive and enjoy the simple things – like the aroma of coffee early in the morning. Thank you for sharing this another poetic ‘voyage’.

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  3. I read your beautiful poem while sitting outside, and have to say it amplified all that was around me. That ‘circuit’ or connectedness was certainly felt while spending time with your words in nature. The beauty that is nature and the beauty that is your poetry evokes such emotion, Nige.

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