6 thoughts on “DEATH OF A STARLET

  1. Nigel, your poem is heartbreaking, brilliant, tragic … sadly often true.
    Wherever you got the photograph it is so tragic and private.
    Your last stanza is showing the darkness of the life of the “It-girl”
    “with sadness already sown in her lost eyes.”
    Broken she lies.


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  2. It’s sad to think that for some the all-alluring fame and recognition is oftentimes met with sudden disillusionment brought on by those who would seek their own gain from others’ position of fame as well as, if not more so, their downfall. Every bit of this piece is so sharp, Nige !

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  3. I’m pleased to have found this excellent peek into your darkness, Nigel. Sorry, but my house move has still left me disconnected from my normal means of access to the delights and disturbances of WordPress et al. This sort of ‘find’ reminds me of what I am missing.

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